Lewis & Clark College Presents
Dances From Around the World
Lewis & Clark Orchestra
Sunday 23 October 2016 | 7:30 pm
Agnes Flanagan Chapel, Portland, Oregon


Chamber Students of Nance Iyves


Walter Rabl (1873 –1940)

Nance Iyves biography.


The Lewis & Clark Orchestra Conducted by Lance Inouye


Dances From Around the World

Program notes by Zachary Schonrock, class of 2018.

Lance Inouye's biography.

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* Variation Ix "Nimrod" From Enigma Variations
Dedicated to Riley Zickel

This piece, a variation from Elgar's Enigma Variations, is dedicated to our dear friend, Riley Zickel. Riley was a member of the bass section in our orchestra and performed this piece with us two years ago. As I struggle to find words, to find peace and solace, this music somehow has a unique way of expressing what we can't find the words for, to connect and inspire, and to bring together a community. It is emotional, sensitive, beautiful, cathartic. Over the past several weeks, in sharing our stories and memories of Riley and celebrating his life, it has been hearten-ing to bond with so many students, faculty, staff, family members and friends. It is clear that Riley's enthusiasm for life, his curiosity, humor, love of music, his genuine kindness so affected everyone around him in countless ways. He poured his heart into everything he did; his pres-ence lifted the morale of our group, made us smile and laugh and give more of ourselves, focus more, and enjoy the moments. We dedicate this piece to Riley; with gratitude, we celebrate this beautiful light and spirit that will forever be a part of us.
—Lance Inouye

Recorded Friday, October 28, 2016 at Agnes Flanagan, Lewis & Clark College, Portland.


Special Thanks
The Lewis & Clark Department of Music, Department Chair Michael Johanson, Nancy Ives, Sarah Tiedemann, Joe Berger, David Eby, Nora Beck, Jessica Sweeney, Susan Nunes, Oswald Huynh, Haines Whitacre, Helena Lam, Nate Kaye, Violet Keathley, Alan Niven


Produce by Alan Niven and wolftraks.com with two cameras and four channels of audio.

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